Wednesday, January 14, 2015

EARN $$$ While You Shop @ Old Navy!!!! 10for20 Exclusive!

Old Navy is my favorite "go-to" when shopping for the kiddos.  With the right coupons, you can score GREAT deals for kids clothes.  I wanted to share this offer with you!

Click Here to Shop OLD NAVY!

By clicking on the link above, you will EARN 6% credit back on your Old Navy statement. Combine this deal with coupon codes below & Old Navy rewards if you have any stashed and score great deals today!  Remember, in order to get 6% cash back, you must click on the link above!

How to optimize this offer . . .
- After clicking the link above, click on the "clearance" tab
- After making your selection of $50 in clothing items, head to checkout where you will select 7-9 shipping days to get FREE shipping
- On the next screen you will be prompted to enter in your coupon codes, rewards or shopping cards before placing your order
- Make sure to use your Old Navy card (if you have one) to earn additional Old Navy rewards

Here's the deal . . . Click Here to Shop OLD NAVY! and receive
Statement Credit 6% back
Make one qualifying purchase of $50 or more before taxes at any Old Navy store.
Not valid for online, gift card or Old Navy Outlet purchases.
Not valid for purchases with an Old Navy Credit Card.


Shop and save at Old Navy! Get 35% off when you shop for $100 or more; 30% off when you shop for $75 or more. You also get a 25% off when you shop for any amount.Old Navy Coupon Code: MORE expires : January 15, 2015.
Shop now and save a good 20% on clearance merchandise.Old Navy Coupon Code: JACKPOT

MUST HAVE Coupons! .19 cent Bananas! Half Price Produce! TODAY ONLY!

Don't forget these GREAT deals today . . . .

New Grocery Ads Published Click Here for a Complete Listing of Local Stores

Printable manufacturer coupons have been refreshed so make sure to print before your shop CLICK HERE to PRINT  Some of my favs . . .

Bananas are on sale for .19 cents at Hudson's TODAY only! (limit 5 lbs)

Nature's Wonders select produce is marked down 50%!

Local Stores NW Arkansas - SW Missouri - SHOP LOCAL!

Ace Hardware, multiple locations

Aldi, Springfield / Harrison

*Big Lots, Harrison

Bob's Supermarket (Harps), Jasper

*Cedar Ridge Country Cupboard, Berryville/GF  

Country Mart, Branson / Hollister

Dillons, Springfield bought out by Price Cutter effective January 2015 

Dollar General, multiple locations

Edwards, Harrison  OR

Family $, Jasper/GF/Forsyth zip code 72638  

Freds, multiple locations  

Hart's, Eureka Springs (usually same as Edwards ad)  

Home Depot, multiple locations

Lowe's, multiple locations

* Main Street Merchant, Harrison  

Marvins Grocery, Fayetteville  

Meeks, Harrison 

Petco, multiple locations  

Price Cutter, Ozark/Springfield  

Rhodes Price Chopper (formerly Jubilee Foods, Branson)   OR

Tractor Supply Company, multiple locations  

Wal-Mart, multiple locations

*WT Fockers Discount Outlet, Eureka Springs

* - indicates that those stores cannot be "ad-matched" at local retailers

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How I saved BIG @ Nature's Wonders today!

TOTAL SAVINGS of $355.18 with out-of-pocket expenses only totaling $58.83!!!!

I often hear that eating healthy is impossible and shopping in health food stores for groceries absolutely impossible if you are on a budget.  I wanted to put this theory to the test, so I did a little legwork last week, then headed to Nature's Wonders today to check out their store.  Here are the steps I took prior to shopping:

Sign-up for their monthly newsletter so you can be notified of any in-store specials.  Click Here to Sign-up!

I went to their facebook page click here for Nature's Wonders facebook page and clicked on the "More" tab, then "Sales" selection to see their January Sales Ad (click here)

Also while visiting their facebook page, I entered the weekly give-a-way Click here to enter and WON!

I picked-up a Nature's Wonders Loyalty Card which provides discounts on advertised products or in-store specials.  The card allowed an additional 5% off the bulk products purchased today.

I also picked-up a Nature's Wonders Supplement Super Savings punch card.  (I got 10 punches with today's purchase which allows me a 20% off discount on future nutritional supplements purchase. Score!)

I then took a quick glance into my coupon binder to remind myself of any coupons which I might have to use on products in the store.  In the "STORE COUPONS" section of my binder, I found two 15% off coupons for any one regular priced product at Nature's Wonders.  This was a coupon which was featured in the Harrison Daily Times newspaper a couple weeks ago.

Last but not least, I confirmed with the store that they accepted manufacturer coupons and internet printed coupons (yes, they take black & white internet prints).

When shopping "organic" or "natural" food stores, keep in mind a few things:
Make sure to shop produce on WEDNESDAY's
for 1/2 off produce sale

  • Your biggest savings will come from the actual in-store sales. Nature's Wonders BEST sales items in my opinion are the HALF price produce items on Wednesday's only and their bulk foods. 
  • You need to shop with a list or at least with a budget, so you are not tempted to spend more than what you intend.
  • Make sure to print or clip coupons before you shop -  here is a 10for20 resource for a few companies which offer coupons

  • Look for manufacturer coupons while shopping.  Many of the coupons have long expiry dates, so pick up a couple and save till the product goes on sale or you have a little wiggle room in your budget.
  • Make sure to check out all of the "clearance" shelves and dig through the items.  I scored some of my favorite Kettle Brand popcorn for only .99 with a coupon but wouldn't have found it if I hadn't dug through the boxes on the bottom shelf of clearance.  I also scored dietary supplements normally priced over $50 a bottle for only $2!
  • Look for "whole" unprocessed foods to get the biggest bang for your buck, like bulk rice or fresh vegetables. Only buy pre-packaged items as "fillers", not as staples.
  • Also, if you see a product in the store you would like to try, but it's not a necessity, write down or snap a picture of the product, then write or email the manufacturer and ask if they can send you a coupon.
As you will see in my shopping trip, I only purchased items which I did not currently have in my cupboards or freezer at home, so this was not a meat & potatoes kind of shopping trip.  You CAN save big shopping "natural", just know what to look for and when to shop.

Upon entering the store, I had two specific items on my list (essential oil & nut oil) which I was needing, so I utilized the in-store coupons for those two items as these were my highest price ticket items. Otherwise, I maximized in-store sales & promotions.

So, here is what was purchased today:

Brief Description of Product
 Original Price
 Would Have Paid
 Sales Price
Gouch dietary supplement
 $     52.19
 $   208.76
 $ 2.00
 $     8.00

*Buy 10 for $20 special

Multi-vitamin chewable
 $     18.99
 $     18.99
 $ 2.00
 $     2.00

*Buy 10 for $20 special

For Women Only multi-vitamin
 $     20.79
 $     41.58
 $ 2.00
 $     4.00

*Buy 10 for $20 special

Natrol digestive dietary supplement
 $     13.99
 $     13.99
 $ 2.00
 $     2.00

*Buy 10 for $20 special

Green coffee bean dietary supplement
 $     29.99
 $     29.99
 $ 2.00
 $     2.00

*Buy 10 for $20 special

Twin Naturals dietary supplement
 $     19.79
 $     19.79
 $ 2.00
 $     2.00

*Buy 10 for $20 special

Now Solutions essential oil orange
 $       8.09
 $       8.09
 $ 6.88
 $     6.88

*used 15% off coupon from newspaper

Now Solutions apricot oil
 $       9.89
 $       9.89
 $ 8.41
 $     8.41

*used 15% off coupon from newspaper

Annie's 2 pk Mac & Cheese
 $       4.78
 $       4.78
 $ 1.99
 $     1.99

Dream organic sprouted rice milk
 $       3.99
 $       7.98
 $ 0.99
 $     1.98

Purely Elizabeth ancient grains oatmeal
 $       6.99
 $     13.98
 $      -  
 $    0.00     

*won these thru a facebook give-a-way

Kettle Brand white cheddar popcorn
 $       3.99
 $       7.98
 $ 1.99
 $     3.98

* used two $1/1 internet qpons

 $     (2.00)
Kettle Brand potato chips
 $       2.79
 $     22.32
 $ 2.00
 $   16.00

* used four $1/2 internet qpons

 $     (4.00)
Banana chips bulk packed
 $       2.79
 $       2.79
 $ 2.65
 $     2.65

*5% off with loyalty card

Crystalized ginger bulk packed
 $       3.10
 $       3.10
 $ 2.94
 $     2.94

*5% off with loyalty card

 Retail Value of Today's Purchase
 $  414.01

 $ (349.18)
 with sales prices

 $     (6.00)
 with coupons

 Total Savings
 $ (355.18)

 Total Out of Pocket
 $     58.83

Bulk Items can often save you BIG$$.
For a 1 oz container of
crystallized ginger at Wal-Mart,
it is $10!!!  I paid only $3.10
for a half pound!
 What a difference in price!

Don't shy away from the
clearance items. Just make sure
to double-check dates.
Pair sales items with MFR qpons to maximize savings!
Pair clearance items with MFR qpons to maximize savings!
Look for MFR coupons while shopping!
Stock-up on beauty &
supplements when you can find sales!